'Book news': Shelbourne Girls Grammar will be studying The Mastery Club in their Year 7 Literacy Circles - I'd love to hear from anyone else who knows of schools using my book.

'Program News': I've just heard from Phillippa Adgemis, Vice Principal at Manchester Primary School, regarding the 10 week Mastery Club program I ran there in 2009. I wanted to know what effect the course was having one year later, so she held a discussion group with the relevant students - read the full article to find out what they said.

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Feedback from Manchester Primary School students in response to my questions:

Have you continued to think about the ideas we discussed?
Of 16 students 15 said yes, ranging from 'about one month' to 'all the time'.

Some specific replies:
'I remembered and when I felt sad I fliped through the book.'
'Yes I have. They have stayed in my mind because I enjoyed it so much.'
'Yes. Quite a lot. Liliane really inspired me.'
'From time to time before a important cricket match. Eg. one morning before the match I visialised me making twenty runs and taking three wickets and on that day I got 18 runs and 2 wickets.'

Have the various stories and examples stayed with you?
The overwhelming response was another 'yes', with the same stories sticking in the students' minds.

One student said, 'Whenever I am in a bad mood I read The Mastery Club book so I know alot of them by heart.'

Did you come out of the course feeling more confident about going after your goals?
Once again the response was a resounding 'yes'.

Some comments:
'100%. I got House Captain and more confident.'
'Yes. My goal was to get a dog. I got 2! Thanks to knowing how to set up a goal.'
'Yes, lots more. I feel more determined when I try things, more confident that I can achieve them.
'Talking in front of other people. The ability to talk up for myself.'
'Yes, I'm more confident and try more things.'
'Yes because I have done compleated tasks.'
'100% more confident because I wasn't going to go for School Captain but after the course I felt like I could do it but when I lost I felt even more confident because when you don't get it only makes you stronger.'

Have you continued to consciously choose and tackle new goals?
Two students said 'no'; the others said 'yes'. One student claimed that his current goal (December 2010) was to find where his mother had hidden the Christmas presents! I wonder if he achieved it? ;)

 Some other comments:
'Yes. I've started with easy goals and build up from it with trickier goals.'
'I've started choosing goals instead of sitting back and doing nothing.'
'Yes, I'm doing things I thought I would never do.'
Some of the goals identified were: school captain, house captain, a new friend, basketball grand final, vice school captain, an XBox 360...

Do you feel more effective in this area of your life? Have you been able to use what you learnt? Was it useful?
All the responses here were affirmative. Here are a few specifics:

'I feel that the mastery club has changed my life forever.'
'What I found most useful about the mastery club was the visualising and using courage to get my goal.'
'Yes. I found it very useful. I'm not afraid to speak up now when I was a bit before The Mastery Club. You really helped me!'
'Thank you for teaching me about the power of the mind and I can aceve any goal I put my mind to.'
'What I found most useful about the mastery Club was how to set up goals.'
'I'm more confident at achieving my goals because before I didn't know where to start, now I know what to do.'
'Your program works. It is very good.'

And on that note, do give me a call if you'd like your children or students (or teachers) to experience The Mastery Club™ 'Master Yourself and You Can Master Anything' program!