Blue-Tongue Lizard On Its Way!

The Croydon Hills Primary School Mastery Club Program is under way with a stimulating group of 9 boys and 2 girls from Grades 5-6 whose goals range from pets like blue-tongue lizards, kittens and puppies, to being in national sporting teams when they are adults! It’s a delight to work with them.

Latest from Scotland is that the kids and mums are continuing to love their Mastery Club sessions too. This is such satisfying work. :-)

Thanks again to the sponsors who are generously supporting the Croydon Hills Program:

Eva and Natalie from 2Mums2Help, Sue and Steve Griffith of Griffith Consulting, Rowan Burn, property developer Bronté Jackson of Sustaining Change, Adrian Corcoris at Ringwood East IGA, David and Linda Rawlings at Burnt Bridge PO, John Salton, Raw Living Foods / Builder, Rainer Busch from Raidho Solutions, Lorraine Dielenberg, a Unity Church member, and Mark Stecher from Dycom Business Services. (More coming on board soon.)

If you’d like to train as a Facilitator, enrol a child, host a program, or sponsor a child/program… This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do Boys Read/Use The Mastery Club?

'I felt curious when I first encountered Lillian Graces books ‘The mastery club” and ‘The hidden order’ to how receptive boys would be to the material. Being a mother of three boys I decided to buy the two books and I am so very glad I did as the most wonderful journey of personal growth unfolded for my children.  My two older boys, Jordan and James, aged 12 and 13, have learnt tools to support and encourage themselves, enabling them to feel self- assured and to shine in their true potential.  They have learnt to set goals and courageously share their goals with others. Most importantly they now feel empowered to take charge of situations and create their own reality through the use of visualisation and manifestation. The teachings of life skills creatively woven into these books are essential for all children and paramount for our education system in raising empowered, expressive, creative children.'

- Merri Hughes, Psychologist

From the 'horse's mouth':

'I found The Mastery Club and The Hidden Order both really enjoyable.  I use the visualisation, affirmations and goal setting lessons from both books every day. These books have helped me in tests and music concerts. What I've read in these books has enabled me to live my full potential.'

- James Sharman, aged 13

'I found the Mastery Club and the Hidden Order very inspiring and found the lessons at the end of the chapters very helpful.  I use visualisations at home and at school and they really do work.  I use them to help me find things. 

- Jordan Sharman, aged 12

Thank you, Merri, James and Jordan! I'm delighted. And also privileged to be working with James as a mentor this year as he tackles a school project of wriing  a novel... Woohoo!

Writing Course Update

My Creative Writing course at Coonara Community House in Ferntree Gully on Tuesday evenings is underway with an enthusiastic repeat group of writers who are keen to keep going all year, I think! (They all attended Writing Mastery, my intro course, and we are now deep into a new set of challenging and enriching exercises, including workhopping each other's work.)

St Stephens Community Living and Learning Centre in Ringwood East will be offering my Writing Mastery course on Thursday evenings next term as they didn’t get the numbers for this term.

Vermont South Community House - Kids Creative Writing for 8-12 yr olds starting today - Friday 13th Feb from 4 pm to 5.30.

Speaking Updates

I'm speaking at the Rotary Club of Frankston on Wednesday evening and in late March at a special film screening of e-motion – stand by for more info on that one! 

If you’d like me to entertain and empower your group, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me on 03 9018 9724.

Hit & Myth Conference Early Bird Ends Today!

Ever wondered about the plummeting value of money? Have you heard rumours of a ‘private vs public’ banking system, or that it’s actually not a legal requirement to pay tax?

If you’d like to know more about these and other thought-provoking issues about our financial world and also about health (a whole set of myths in that arena), today is the final day for the early bird price for the Hit and Myth Conference on 28/2 - 1/3 in Melbourne.

Speakers will include experts on finance/banking, health, publishing, crowd-funding and more. (If you’re not able to decide today but are interested, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we might be able to include you in our bulk price group...