Why 'The WHOLE News'?

In case you’ve joined recently and you’re wondering about the title, ‘The WHOLE News’, it’s a reference to the fact that every experience in life is governed by the Law of Polarity – everything is two-sided, so we’ll never encounter an only bad or only good experience, or an only good or only bad person. This seems like common sense but it does get confronting when we apply the principle to those big issues like war and violence. How can those things be ‘good’? 

Well, believe it or not, once you start to probe you can find blessings in even the most awful and confronting situations. But even minor crises are worth exploring. There is a feeling of relief and lightness when something that has been a source of guilt or anxiety shows itself to also have been a source of growth and gifts for yourself or others.

I'm vastly wealthy when it comes to family, friends, doing work I love, health... and am still translating my financial wealth over from the invisible. Last Sunday I attended 'The Demartini Method for Groups' led by Tanya Cross. This day is an opportunity to apply the Demartini Method to any issue in your life that is causing an emotional ‘charge’, whether it’s positive or negative. The purpose is to find the balance and order in every situation and arrive at a point of gratitude for it as it is, warts and all. It can be very profound to have the blinkers removed and acknowledge the ‘whole news’ about a particular life event; to move beyond judgement into gratitude. 

So, of course, I spent some time applying the Method to money, and taking the time to appreciate how NOT managing it well has blessed and benefited my family and others around me. Here's an excerpt from the list:

* empowered my children to save and value money
* empowered them to be indpendent very young and follow their star
* drove me to learn and study with many inspiring people
* which has benefited them financially!
* taught me gratitude for small, simple things
* saved me from frittering money away
* pushed me to clarify my values and spending money on highest priorities
* enabled my partner to step up and be generous
* pushed me to deal with issues of embarrassment or shame
* made me truly honour the principle that every experience is divine and a blessing...

If you’d like to attend a simple and very affordable day in an intimate group working through a personal issue, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about her next events in Sydney or Melbourne. And if you’d like to experience Dr Demartini ‘direct’, he is running his signature program The Breakthrough Experience in Melbourne on the weekend of 15-16 November. (It also happens to be his 60th birthday, so I suspect this will be a blockbuster event.)

Feedback from Village School Students

I sent out a post-program Questionnaire (a few weeks after they had finished the program). Here are some of the comments from students:

To the statement, ‘I enjoyed The Mastery Club Program’ all students circled ‘YES”.

To the statement, ‘I found this program useful’ all students circled ‘YES’.

All students recommended the program.

To the statement ‘I have been applying the ideas I learnt at The Mastery Club Program, all students circled ‘YES’ or ‘SOME OF THEM’.

Comments included:

“Make each session longer.”

“I like the GROW Formula because you grow from good and bad things.”

“It was great and I learnt a lot and I use quite a bit of the things I learnt in the mastery club now.'

From My Inbox:

"There seems to be Asperger sufferers in growing numbers. I gave a copy of your book to my nephew and he said he found it helpful because not everyone is the same ie. Green hair and he did manage to make friends and wonder how much your book contributed."

"I have read The Mastery club.  I really enjoyed it.  Very easy to read." - Mo Stevens, NZ

Programs for 2015

Three schools are keen to offer The Mastery Club program next year - and two of them are considering putting their entire Year 7 through the program, as a Transition Program from primary school. If you are open to sponsoring a student, please do let me know as we are seeking sponsors right now!

I’d like to specifically thank the following sponsors for committing to sponsor again: 

Eva and Natalie from 2Mums2Help

Sue and Steve Griffith of Griffith Consulting

Rowan Burn, property developer

Bronté Jackson of Sustaining Change

Adrian Corcoris at Ringwood East IGA

David and Linda Rawlings at Burnt Bridge PO

Ralph and Anna Rendina from Rendina’s Organic Butchery

(Several others will confirm in the new year.)

And I’d like to welcome a new sponsor: Rainer Busch from Raidho Solutions

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Want To Feel Smarter?

Hello liliane,

I finished your [online writing] course a little while ago and I just wanted to tell you that I completely loved it.. it was fantastic and I feel like I have learnt so much from it..I feel so much smarter and im looking at everything, including life so differently. I even finished it 2 weeks early :) 

The only feed back I have is it would be great if we (us students) could get a little cretificate just for our private collection, as I feel finishing this course is such a positive accomplishment. 

I cant wait to let my new found knowledge loose on my book..My plan is to let my creator go over it and to finish the 'homework' tasks, then I will be in contact after that.

Thank you so much again,

Sharne :)