Featured Sponsor: Griffith Consulting

The Mastery Club® would like to formally thank Sue and Steve Griffith of Griffith Consulting who have again stepped up as program sponsors. 

Steve Griffith is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Griffith Consulting Group. 


Steve’s focus is on executive development, incorporating health and wellbeing, leadership, corporate change and cross-functional team building. With over 35 years of experience Steve has worked with some of Australia’s leading corporations including National Australia Bank, Bankers Trust, Coles Myer and McDonalds.

Steve has also worked with leading sporting groups and individuals from the Olympic team, The Australian Football League, the NSW Waratahs, the Fiji 7s and the NFL. Steve has created and implemented a unique program entitled “The High Performance Leadership Coach Program.” The program’s success is based on self-managed, long-term development of the individual. His continued passion is to assist the growth of individual potential toward greater success, enhancing mental and physical wellbeing and to maximize results in business, sport and life.

If you'd like to find out more or make enquiries into their consulting or coaching work – or their fabulous 'Sukhavati' Ayurvedic Retreat in Bali! – call their office on 03 9499 8099 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

'The Gift Of Being A Mastery Club Facilitator'

During our Mastery Club Facilitator Webinar last night, Theresa Day from Scotland shared that applying the principles becomes part of you: 'Whoever gets the gift of being a Facilitator gets the best lessons in life,' she said.

I agreed – just the day before, when updating some program notes, I was reminded about the power of the mind-body loop, and smiling when one is feeling down. I wasn't exactly feeling down, but I was not exactly in a bright frame of mind either. So I took on the 'Smiling Challenge' that we set the kids and made myself grin even though I didn't particulary feel like it at the time. It worked a treat! Apart from immediately smiling geniuinely because I felt like such a dork, I felt better straight away, and kept at it. These principles really do work – when we apply them.

Theresa added that she loves the stories that emerge from/about the kids after the program. It's such rewarding work. (If you'd like to find out about becoming a Mastery Club Facilitator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

'How To Be Rich' Author Dies Penniless?

I was reminded recently that Napoleon Hill, author of the classic self-help book, Think and Grow Rich, was virtually penniless near the end of his life! 

Deciding to explore this for myself, I did a bit of googling and found an interesting stream of comments about it on Jeannette Maw’s Good Vibe Blog. She reports that while Napoleon Hill experienced many financial ups and downs, at the very end of his life, W Clement Stone stepped in to fund Hill’s Foundation. Which does beg the question, did he actually die broke or did he simply manifest another form of wealth? Sounds like the latter, to me!

There were some other great points made in the conversation following the blog post, which I’ve summarised below. For myself, I just love Earl Nightingale’s definition of success as being ‘the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal’. He says, in this excellent YouTube clip, that if you are in the process of working on that worthy ideal or goal, YOU ARE A SUCCESS RIGHT NOW, even if it is still far from being realised! (Thanks to Anthony Dukes for bringing this clip to my attention. Follow the link above to watch it.)

I wrote about this perspective on success in my blog, ‘What Is Success To You? The Baker Gets Me Thinking’http://www.themasteryclub.com.au/liliane-grace/liliane-s-blog/871-what-is-success-to-you.html

Now for some of the comments made about 'the rich author dying penniless':

* the difference between knowing the path and walking the path...

* the fact that he was a journalist, so perhaps more adept at reporting and describing than demonstrating

* and does this matter? Someone who has inspired countless others to demonstrate has obviously made a significant contribution himself. (As as per the coach who is able to draw greater talent out of his team than he can demonstrate – makes sense to me!)

* was he just learning to / allowing himself to receive?

* to have someone else fund your dream is pretty fabulous! (I can relate to this. :-)

* why do we link wealth to money? He died with millions of followers – perhaps that was his form of wealth! In which case, he died rich. (I love this point, although I also take the point that one can’t eat one’s followers...)

* many people go through wealth ups and downs, including our entrepreneurial greats like Donald Trump; perhaps he was in a ‘down’ just at that point…

Overseas Program News – It's Great!

We have programs in process at Green School in Bali, led by Nicola Unite, and in Aberdeen, Scotland, one at Daviot Primary School and one at Theresa Day’s Monday Motivation Group for women!

Nicola has just emailed me the following comment: 'The class is going SO well – my girls are LOVING it. Calling themselves masters already!'

Theresa said that the nine students from the primary school who participated in the first session 'were responsive, more confident than her first groups, played full out. It was amazing. One boy said ‘I have to read the book now! I can’t wait to get started.’ Her own daughter is very excited about sharing the program with her classmates. Theresa said there were lots of interesting discussions about the content.

As for her Monday Motivation Mums group, they 'were blown away with the content – thought it was incredible. Said there was so much there.' Theresa is delivering it as if to a group of kids – she's not holding back on the games or anything. She has told them that 'it's an inner child program'! The mums are even writing faces on their Finger Students...

Yay! Great news. I'm delighted. :-)

And looking forward to teaching my program at Croydon Hills Primary School, starting next Tuesday!

Creative Writing Dates & Venues

I’m teaching Creative Writing at Coonara Community House in Ferntree Gully on Tuesday evenings from next Tues 3rd Feb. That program is definitely going ahead. Tel. 9758 7081

St Stephens Community Living and Learning Centre in Ringwood East is offering my Writing Mastery course (Creative Writing intro course) on Thursday evenings from 5th Feb. if they get enough numbers. Tel. 0423 987 568

My Kids Creative Writing for 8-12 yr olds starting Friday 13th Feb from 4 pm to 5.30 at Vermont South Community House - I think they need another one to confirm the program. Tel. 9803 2335

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

And if you'd rather work at your own pace from home, consider my e-course: http://www.themasteryclub.com.au/liliane-grace/workshops/writing-mastery-e-course.html