Croydon Hills Primary School booking in for 2015

Croydon Hills Primary Schools is the first to cross the line in terms of a firm commitment for a Mastery Club program in 2015, thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of Wellbeing Teacher, Mia Sartori! Ten Yr 5-6 students will participate in first term.

Thank you to our sponsors for your generosity in supporting this program!!!

I’d like to specifically thank the following sponsors for committing to sponsor again: 

Eva and Natalie from 2Mums2Help
Sue and Steve Griffith of Griffith Consulting
Rowan Burn, property developer
Bronté Jackson of Sustaining Change
Adrian Corcoris at Ringwood East IGA
David and Linda Rawlings at Burnt Bridge LPO
Ralph and Anna Rendina from Rendina’s Organic Butchery
John Salton, Raw Living Foods / Builder
Rainer Busch from Raidho Solutions
Lorraine Dielenberg, a Unity Church member.

We also have three other schools that are keen to offer The Mastery Club program next year – and two of them are interesting in offering it to their entire Year 7 as a Transition Program. If you are open to co-sponsor a program, please do let me know as we are seeking sponsors right now! Any amount would be appreciated, however we offer extra thank you benefits to those who contribute more! Send me a line if you’d like more information.

If you’d like to train as a Facilitator, enrol a child, host a program, or sponsor a child/program… This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Divine Money Matters To Sponsor

Roslynn Higgins is a life coach who warmly and whole-heartedly recommends The Mastery Club® left, right, and centre - she has read it over seven times herself! Roslynn has created a 'Count Your Blessings', Divine Money Matters e-program (video clips) to assist people in transforming their relationship with money, and she is directing the proceeds/profits toward The Mastery Club® Scholarship Program.
- Thanks, Roslynn!


Grow & Create in the Privacy of Your Own Home

'Hi Liliane, I'm just about to finish my Writing (&life) Mastery course, online version. Investing in myself and my writing is definitely one of the best things I could have done to bring improvement to my autobiography. I'm confident now that I can actually finish it well. I have learned and grown as you indicated is possible, and I'm looking forward to going over every lesson to improve even more and ultimately to become a great writer. Thank you for sharing your experience and life to teach people about the creativity they can find in themselves.' - Lyndal N

Thanks, Lyndal! I look forward to reading your great writings!

Author Reveals All...

I had an absolute ball last Friday night at Dr Rosemary McCallum’s end of year Metaphysics Master Class Christmas Party! The vibe in the room when I arrived was tremendous! Rosemary’s clients and students love her, and with good reason. She is a warm-hearted, fun-loving, very real person who has mastered some significant issues in her own life and now empowers others to do the same. Her depth and breadth of knowledge and wisdom are beautifully tempered by a cheeky, irreverent streak, so a meeting or event led by Rosemary is always punctuated by laughter.

I was given an hour to share my 'Naked Author' story (about my childhood dreams and the journey I've been on in transforming my life), and received many heartfelt expressions of appreciation afterwards. I sold so many books that I ran out of stock! Love  that :-)  

Ro McC Xmas 2

Rosemary posted the following beautiful comment on Facebook:

'We are so blessed with the amazing talent we have here in Australia - why get international speakers when our own home grown talent such as Liliane Grace is available to inspire us all. Great big thank you to the fabulous Liliane Grace for being our awesome speaker at our Masterclass Chrissy breakup. Powerful message delivered by an articulate powerful woman!’

Thank you, Rosemary! It was an utter pleasure. For more information about Rosemary and husband Andrew's work, visit you'd like to make contact with Rosemary, call her on 0402 664 706 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And if you’d like me to entertain and empower your group, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me on 03 9018 9724.

Unleash Your Creativity & Push Some Boundaries!

Last week my Writing Mastery course completed at Coonara Community House in Ferntree Gully. It was enthusiastically received by all eight participants, who are keen to continue with me next year. Here's the feedback:

‘Enjoyed the class immensely – fantastic energetic teacher – my creativity is back on track and growing now! Can’t say much more than please more classes like this, superb!’ - Jill Stephenson

‘This has been an extremely enjoyable and thorough course – well exceeded my expectations. Liliane is a hugely inspirational and enthusiastic trainer. Fantastic. Loved being part of it. Has remained a challenge throughout the 6 weeks.’ - Jackie Bateman

‘Loved learning the new techniques. It was really interactive and useful. I went home, dusted off my old manuscript and started using the techniques learnt to rewrite it.’ - Marina Cook

‘A very fresh look on the vital aspects of writing. Actually explaining the show/tell and writer’s block. Brilliant! This applies for all following sessions.’  -  Chris James

‘Very profitable. I will benefit from the range of exercises and knowledge imparted by a great teacher.’ - Peter Scott

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the term. I never missed a class and would love to keep up and continue coming to other writing courses. Excellent. I did not want it to end.’ -  Maryann Stefanac

‘Ever so, so good. Looked forward to class night. Stimulation +++. What a teacher! One that does make a difference! Such class, such talent. To be so admired.’ - June Smith

Thank you, all! It was a delight working with you and I'm looking forward to more next year. 

If you'd like to join this or another writing class, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring 03 9018 9724. There are courses on offer next year at Ringwood East and Clayton also.