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The Mastery Club is now definitely available in hard copy all around the world via our new Print on Demand partner, Lightning Source. So if you’re in the northern hemisphere and you’ve been hesitating about purchasing because of international freight costs, go ahead as your order will now be shipped from somewhere in your hemisphere. (We are still sorting out how to indicate correct postage on our website but definitely let us know if you want to make an international order and we'll quote you asap.)

The Mastery Club to be part of the New City of Wellbeing!

Melba College Teacher, Edwina Ricci, in her role as President of the Chamber of Commerce, is spearheading the transformation of the City of Maroondah into a ‘City of Wellbeing’ - in other words, a city that ‘lives’ the Principles of Positive Psychology. 

On Wednesday night I was invited to participate in an event hosted by the Maroondah Chamber of Commerce that featured a speaker from the USA, and several members of State and local Government. 

Sherri FisherSherri Fisher is a MAPP (Masters of Applied Positive Psychology) and M.Ed., and author of Smart Strengths, a book that focuses on one of the key principles in Positive Psychology, and she’s been in town for the last nine days running a workshop about how to implement these values. One of the attendees was Theresa Joyce, from the University of Melbourne’s Positive Psychology department and another was Mick Walsh from Learning Curve, a personal development program and journal for school students.

On Wednesday night Sherri invited members of the audience to pair up and tell each other about something positive that had happened during out week, and then to say the three magic words, ‘Tell me more’, because one of the best ways to build a person’s sense of wellbeing is to show interest in them rather than to just say, ‘Uh-huh…’. That seems obvious, but so often we are busy and distracted and we don’t give each other our full attention.

Questions to deepen the connection are: 'What happened? How did you feel? How did you become aware of this in the first place? How can you take it further?'

Thanks to Edwina for inviting me to participate and introducing me to many key people. I’ve got some important meetings to follow up on now as I prepare to roll out The Mastery Club™ programs at a more significant level. Watch this space!

Liliane's Blog: 'I'm Cured!'

Rosemary McCallumMeet Dr Rosemary McCallum, metaphysician, author, speaker, and wise woman. I’ve just enjoyed a few months in her consulting room talking about one of my 'dark little secrets’, and the red-lips-kiss on her cheek is the imprint of my kiss of thanks! (via my blurry photographic unskills…)

Here’s the ‘backstory’:

Over the last few years I’ve achieved quite a lot. I can literally say that I am living my dreams because it was always a dream of mine to have a close-knit, loving family and be a published author, especially one who is popularising universal laws. Tick, tick, tick! 

But I’ve often felt frustrated because it seemed to me that many of my goals were taking forever to be realised. Being a ‘mastery’ author, I often felt embarrassed about this, as if I was somehow failing. I’d compare myself with others and find myself wanting.

As I applied myself to understanding this dynamic, I came to understand that I was resoundingly successful in the areas of my highest values and still in process in the other areas, and that was theoretically okay (though not really because I wanted to be on top of all of it!). I came to understand that we are

Featured Sponsor: The Rotary Club of Croydon

RC CroydonA hearty thanks to the Rotary Club of Croydon for stepping up and sponsoring one Melba College student in attending The Mastery Club™ 10 Lessons Program. (We're up the eighth session, to be taught in term four.)

Members from the Rotary Club of Croydon were in attendance last year when I spoke at the Lions Club of Croydon, as the two Clubs had just completed a 'joint venture'. Presidents of both Clubs undertook to sponsor a student, and this newsletter we thank David Ferres of the Rotary Club of Croydon, who led his team in generously paying for one Melba College student to attend. A new president is now in force and I look forward to attending the Club as a speaker this year – and inspiring them to sponsor more students! (Thanks also to teacher, Edwina Ricci, who has a finger in many pies!)

As ever, thank you again to all of our generous sponsors for making these programs possible: Griffith Consulting, Susan Oliver, Pax Printers, The Success Institute, Sustaining Change, Helen Patrice, Rendina’s Butchery, Empower Kids Now, Croydon Lions Club, Croydon Rotary Club, 2 Mums 2 Help, Ringwood East IGA, Burnt Bridge LPO, Rae Anaf and Sarah Mond, Rowan Burn, John Salton, The Remedy Group, and, of course, our anonymous sponsor. 

Youth Summit Recording Available Soon

The Online Youth Summit has now finished and will soon be available for purchase as a digital product, if you missed out. My 'congruent presentation' (lol – see my blog!) includes a brief visualisation at the end that I call the ‘I Created That’ Visualisation. A transformational and stress-reducing experience.