A Girl For Sail Charms UK Mastery Club Students

Theresa Day’s Mastery Club program has just completed at Daviot Primary School. Their Guest Speaker was Laura Marie Boyd, an ex-client of Theresa’s who wanted to transform her life, and addressed this by going sailing with a group called Girls For Sail. They trained at Granada for four months then made a trip across the Atlantic for 18 days. What an inspiring speaker to have invited! (More news from the UK coming soon.)
Thanks, Theresa and Laura.

 Theresa kids speaker TD graduates

Thanks to the SFYS!

Warranwood Primary School experienced The Mastery Club® Program sixth session this week. The whole program is underway thanks to funding from the School Focused Youth Service. Thank you! We were delighted that Youth Wellbeing Worker, Sarah Cullen, sat in on the fifth session last week and subsequently invited me to share about the program at their meeting this morning.

The pictures below are of the Warranwood Primary School students with their Treasure Maps. WPS Emma map WPS Sam map

WPS Maps 

Are We Just Lucky When We Achieve Our Goals?

One of my Mastery Club students achieved one of his important goals… and then felt flat because he concluded that he had 'just been lucky'.

It’s interesting how we do this to ourselves! It’s completely our fault when we screw up, but when we achieve, then that was luck or the stars or something else…

I’m not a believer in luck because I don’t believe we live in a random universe; I believe we live in a law-bound universe and therefore everything that happens is something that we attract, at some level. There are many examples of this ‘lawful, intelligent’ universe from the micro (subatomic) to the macro (galactic) level.

I talk about the Law of Resonance and Vibration in The Mastery Club, where we ‘attract’ the experiences we are 'in resonance with’. This sounds flakey but it’s a principle from physics that also applies to our human, emotional worlds. Our thoughts, emotions and actions work together to create a ‘dominant vibration’ that puts us either in resonance with winning or in resonance with losing… 

That student had put in lots of effort at the physical level and was been very intentional about achieving his goal, so it was definitely not a question of luck when he achieved it!

William Whitecloud shares a couple of lovely quotes about this in his book, The Magician’s Way:

“Living your life by magic doesn’t means keeping an unbroken line of sight between yourself and specific things you want. Living by magic is about setting up structures” – like following your heart and allowing yourself to dream and take action on your dreams. 

“You’ve been dreaming of this your whole life. It’s always been there. Today you just let yourself have it.”

Next in the Inspiring Youth Video Series

Stand by for a new video about a young woman who is confined to a wheelchair and yet rock climbs... Very inspiring!

Celebrating at Croydon Hills PS!

The Croydon Hills Primary School Program finished on a high note with the kids reviewing the whole program, receiving certificates, and tasting John Salton’s home-made banana/berry/date ice cream...

CHPS mindmaps

CHPS certificates

Parents who attended an Info Session about the program were very enthusiastic, requesting more for their kids and even, possibly, a program for them...

Wellbeing teacher, Mia Sartori, sent me the following beautiful testimonial:

'The Mastery Club program is 10 weeks of mind-blowing content. It is an experiential wellbeing program that can turn your life around – whether you are a child, adolescent or adult, everyone can benefit from soaking up this inspirational experience. The benefit to senior primary school aged students is particularly powerful because they are developmentally ready to receive this info and ‘plant’ it in the foundations of their thinking and belief systems. In consideration of this, the program acts as prevention and early intervention into mental health issues. I am so grateful for Liliane, The Mastery Club and its philosophies now being a part of what we do in our school community.'

Mia Sartori
Student Welfare Officer (Croydon Hills PS and Warranwood PS)

We’re now underway at Warranwood Primary School with a good-sized group of 11-12 year olds and I’m looking for more schools and sponsors! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.