The Village Graduates!

Village students

I’ve just finished facilitating the first Mastery Club program at Village School – click Read more under the photo to see more great pics. (One of the seven students was absent for the photos.)

The feedback from the students was lovely, heartfelt, and appreciative. They said they loved the stories, games and interactivity of the program, the Treasure Mapping and visualising, working on their goals, and 'doing a bit of writing'. 

Melba College still has a few sessions to go due to their teacher being on leave.

(In the pic below the students are displaying their graduation certificates and the mindmaps they made of the whole program during the final session review).

Village graduationAs ever, thank you again to our generous sponsors for making these programs possible: Griffith Consulting, Susan Oliver, Pax Printers, The Success Institute, Sustaining Change, Helen Patrice, Rendina’s Butchery, Empower Kids Now, Croydon Lions Club, Croydon Rotary Club, 2 Mums 2 Help, Ringwood East IGA, Burnt Bridge LPO, Rae Anaf and Sarah Mond, Rowan Burn, John Salton, The Remedy Group, and, of course, our anonymous sponsor.

I’m in conversation with various other schools, philanthropists and facilitators-to-be, so who knows what next newsletter’s news will be?

If you’d like to train as a Facilitator, enrol a child, host a program, sponsor a child/program… let me know!

Overseas Mastery Club Program News

In South Africa, Charné Nel has just run her first program at Bella Vida Centre – yay, Charné! She had a small group of 14-16 year olds who also all appreciated the interactive, 'gamesy' nature of the program. Charné said “It is such a fantastic program. It is the best program I’ve ever presented.” I’m delighted! :-)

Charne Nel


Nicola Unite ran her first program at Green School in Bali a couple of months ago and her comment was that it was “Hands down the best unit I’ve taught this year.” Woohoo!

Nicola Unite

The Power of Our Thoughts... An Adult Reader Responds

Dear Liliane,

I have finished 'The Mastery Club'! I absolutely love it! You are a beautiful writer.  It is amazing how you were able to simplify the learnings in such a concise way. I have been thinking a lot about thoughts & responses...It really is amazing when you think back about certain situations or misunderstandings & how they could have had different outcomes if responded to differently- & the response was formed based on a thought! 

Hope you are having a great weekend & I will check back in after "The Hidden Order".

Melissa :)

Speaking Gig Update

A comment from Counsellors Victoria, where I spoke a couple of weeks ago, was that I was in the top 5% of speakers they’ve had so far this year. Yay!

If you'd like to book me for your group, send me a line or call 03 9018 9724.