How to Guide Our Kids in their Use of Devices & The Internet

Long-time friend and 'online/digital/new media specialist', Ludwina Dautovic, shares her thoughts about how our young people are using technology in this digital age in this 42 minute audio interview.

We talk about:

• Ludwina's concern about the over-use of devices and how multi-screen homes are affecting us;

• people’s, especially youth’s, inability to have proper conversations and their tendency to communicate in ‘bytes’ and instant messaging;

• the issue of wants vs needs when providing this technology for kids;

• unfriending people on Facebook to only have genuine connections;

• Ludwina's ‘remedies’ for how families can successfully manage some of these challenges…

9 Boys & 2 Girls Keep Me On My Toes!

CHPS group

CHPS silly

Here’s the group of Croydon Hills Primary School students who are working through The Mastery Club 10 Lessons Program with me. They have been inspired and challenged, some more challenged and some more inspired! And they have both inspired and challenged me… We finish the program next term and will again bring in our guest speaker, marathon-running, raw vegan builder, John Salton, since so many of these students have sporting goals.

The next local Mastery Club program begins in April at Warranwood Primary School.

Thanks again to ALL sponsors who are generously supporting the local programs:

Sue and Steve Griffith of Griffith Consulting
Rowan Burn, property developer
Bronté Jackson of Sustaining Change
Adrian Corcoris at Ringwood East IGA
David and Linda Rawlings at Burnt Bridge PO
John Salton, Raw Living Foods / Builder
Rainer Busch from Raidho Solutions 
Lorraine Dielenberg, a Unity Church member
Mark Stecher of Dycom
Eva and Natalie from 2Mums2Help, who are about to run a focused fundraising event, 
and the SFYS: Schools Focused Youth Service.

If you’d like to train as a Facilitator, enrol a child, host a program, or sponsor a child/program… This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Books Locally Shipped To You

The Mastery Club and The Hidden Order are now definitely available in hard copy all around the world via our new Print on Demand partner, Lightning Source. So if you’re in the northern hemisphere and you’ve been hesitating about purchasing because of freight costs, go ahead as your order will now be shipped from somewhere in your hemisphere!

Overseas Program News with Parent Feedback

Bali Mastery Club news: Nicola Unite wrote to say that, 'The course went SO well – I mean the girls LOVED it, I loved it. I am talking with the heads so as to work out ways of offering the course to different age groups next year. And a mother of one of my students has approached me to teach it at her mountain yoga shala, which is SO exciting!'

Woohoo! Go, Nicola! She also sent the following comment from a parent:

"Ibu Nicola's Mastery Club has contributed to the personal growth of my daughter. Her confidence, determination and self-awareness has been noticeably nurtured and increased under Nicola's care. Not just through the power of the Mastery Club but through Nicola's consistent support and encouragement. Nicola is a wonderful role model for the Middle School girls. We truly feel privileged to have her in Eloise's life."

And I feel privileged to have Nicola as a Mastery Club Facilitator. :-)

Who's On Your 'Challenge Team'?

I’ve written an article on this very subject (and the ‘gifts of adversity’) that has been published in ‘Science and Spirit’, a new publication of Dr William Tiller, the Emeritus Professor in BioEnergetics who featured on the famous doco, What the Bleep Do We Know?

There are many compelling articles in this beautifully presented online magazine, including Dr Tiller’s article about ‘the God particle’: (They have named my article, 'The Hard Climb to Wisdom'.)

And if you'd like to be supported in dealing with your 'Challenge Team', consider joining me at my 'Geometry of Success' workshop on Sunday 26th April. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or look at this link for the workshop flyer.