Student-Sponsor ThankYous

The last two Mastery Club® 10 Lessons Programs were kindly sponsored by a number of individuals and small businesses, three of which have already offered to sponsor again, for which I and the schools are very grateful. Thank you, Eva and Natalie of 2Mums2Help, and Rowan Burn, and Bronté Jackson of Sustaining Change.

I'd like to share with you some excerpts from the thank you letters students wrote to their sponsors – all names have been removed for privacy. There are messages here from both primary and secondary students. I hope they will inspire YOU to offer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Confident In My Own Skin

"I wasn't quite sure what to expect from "The Mastery Club", but I can safely say- it blew me away!  The concepts are explained in such a way that you can't help but start applying them to your own life.  I honestly believe that I have made some significant mind shift changes based on this book.  I love the concept of the "Grand Organising Design", and have really started to appreciate that our lives are made up of small pieces of a puzzle- and we really can't see how things fit into the bigger picture until much further down the track.  This has really helped me put previous issues and problems into context.  I also realise that I have control over how I interpret all things that happen and it is up to me "what I make it mean".  The biggest breakthrough for me was understanding that my previous experiences have made me who I am, and instead of feeling negative about them I have started to appreciate and feel grateful for them.  I have previously felt that I would be a "better" person if "better" things had happened to me in the past- but now I realise I wouldn't be a "better" person, I would be someone totally different- and not me at all!  This has helped me feel appreciative, grateful and confident in my own skin and experiences.  Thanks Liliane for such a beautfiul piece of work.  Both books are fantastic- I think I need to read them again already!"

Melissa, 35

Thank you, Melissa. I'm so glad. :-)

Molly & Fox!

I've been invited to write some articles for a new magazine for 'conscious girls' called Molly & Fox.

The creation of Leanne Koster, Kim Victoria, and a tribe of girls, this is a visually beautiful online mag that celebrates girls of all interests, shapes, sizes, ambitions. Best of all, it's free!

Check it out at! My articles coming soon...

New blog: 'Harnessing 'Should''

- Extract the gold from your pesky inner voices!

You’ve probably had the ‘should’ thought plenty of times – 'I should be more positive/ call my mum/ eat more vegies/ be more patient/ get more exercise/ be nicer to so-and-so', etc. If you’ve been playing in the personal development arena, you know that ‘should’ is a dirty word. You might even have been told, ‘Don’t should on yourself’. Great advice.

But do you sometimes think, ‘Yes, but that ‘should’ voice is right! It’s telling me things that I know I should do, that I actually want to do, if I could just get myself to do them…’?

Read the rest below or at my blog.

Bob Proctor Training Opportunity: Thinking Into Results

Georgia Ellis is a Mastery Club enthusiast and mastermind buddy of mine. She's also a Personal Transformation Specialist who can 'show you the easiest, fastest way to reach any goal you set, realise any dream you can imagine, and become anything you want'.

If you are striving to be something, do something or have something, Thinking Into Results is your vehicle to get you there. It's a 6-month program for enriching all areas of your life.

Thinking Into Results provides you with specific tools and step-by-step strategies needed to get you from where you are right now to where you really want to be. 

If you have a goal, or your goal is to decide on a goal then Georgia can show you how. Thinking Into Results is an extremely effective program for you, especially if you are truly interested in personal and progressive growth. 

It will teach you how to close the gap between what you know and what you actually do and in the process create a more meaningful and purpose-driven life as you dramatically improve results and achieve your goals. 

Thinking Into Results was developed by Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher, who have together created the most powerful transformational program of its kind. 

Highly Recommended. For more information contact Georgia Ellis on 0428 123 233