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The Prince Who Would Not Grow

By Liliane Grace

Once upon a time there lived a Queen whose husband was often away touring his kingdom and meeting with ambassadors from neighbouring countries. Being lonely, the Queen lavished all of her love and attention on their only child, a boy. She was so besotted with him that she dismissed the Royal Nanny, not wanting to share her son with anyone.

    As time passed, the little boy was no longer a baby, but he remained very short. Since the Queen would neither invite playmates into the castle, nor permit her son to go outside the castle walls, there were no other children with whom the Queen could compare her son’s height, so she did not notice that he was scarcely growing at all. Indeed, at the age of six, he was still no higher than her knee. However, her Councillors and servants took note of this fact as they had children of their own, and they worried about the young Prince.

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