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Liliane Grace, creative writing, author, keynote speaker, The Mastery Club 

Writing for Children

I've always been drawn to children, from the time that I organised (bossed?) the little kids at primary school during lunchtime, to now with The Mastery Club™ book and programs.

Self-awareness and empowerment are themes that turn up over and over in my writing. They are apparent in The Mastery Club, which is a fictional story about achieving one's goals and dreams; in The Champion Series, which are true stories for children about real people's efforts to achieve their goals and dreams; in 'Sam and the Knight Suit', which is a story for little kids about the importance of our attitude, and even in my light-hearted play, 'The WashHouse Blues', which shows that life is not about being flawless, but about being resourceful and patient with one's learning process. Sometimes our 'mis-takes' are blessings in disguise...

Enjoy my writings, and do leave a message in the comment box. I appreciate all feedback.