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The Mastery Club is a prize-winning novel that will inspire your kids' to fulfill their potential and motivate them to achieve their goals and dreams.

This novel, about five kids who form a club to support each other in achieving their goals and dreams, is packed with practical tools and information about goal-setting, constructive thinking, how the mind works, and character values like persistence, courage and a good attitude.

The Mastery Club by Liliane Grace is an excellent resource for teachers and parents wanting to inspire and motivate their students and children to believe in themselves and take responsibility for achieving their goals. The story characters deal with real life issues that today's youth are facing, such as bullying and friendship issues, sole parents, step-parents and divorce, and academic challenges.

Your students will absorb 10 priceless lessons while engrossed in a page-turning story. That means effortless learning!

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Why The Mastery Club?

Hello. I am Liliane Grace, a mother, writer, speaker and teacher. The Mastery Club was an utter joy to write because it brought together two of my favourite interests: writing fiction and conscious creation. 

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Amazing Synchronicity

Well, it's happening! Derek, my life-partner of 22 years, headed off last weekend to follow his dreams, as described in my 'Trusting Our Paths' blog of a few weeks ago.

So he's now in northern NSW and I'm here in Melbourne with our kids, and we are all stepping forward into the unknown. Saturday was pretty tearful for both of us, as we did those last few things and said our goodbyes and he drove away, but we are so certain that we are each doing the right thing that, aside from the sadness of diverging directions, we literally are 'trusting our paths'.

We're trusting because of the extraordinary synchronicities that have been unfolding for each of us in the process of finding our new homes. I described mine in my 'House Hunting' blog (see list on the right) - where my efforts to find the perfect home appeared to be stymied until it all fell into place like magic: our new and attractive, perfectly-located and priced house came to us via new friends who, it seems, moved from Bellingen (the exact town in northern NSW where Derek wanted to go), to Perth in WA, via Ringwood in Victoria (where we are currently living). (If that doesn't make sense, have a read of the HH blog!)

Derek has been wanting to move to NSW, specifically Bellingen, for quite some time. We agreed that he would help us settle into our new house and then go, so, as were now settled, he headed up there a few weeks ago to find his own new house. We were both so confident of our chosen directions that we felt certain he would find his home quickly and easily. However he returned somewhat crestfallen as there were heaps of people looking and nothing available that matched his criteria. We were both not only surprised, but even taken-aback. For a few days he pondered his next moves.

And then the magic kicked in again.

I received my Australian Society of Authors' newsletter, and flicking through it, came upon an ad for a house only 10 minutes from Bellingen that was up for rent. This architect-built house had been originally owned by a best-selling Australian author and currently had another bestselling author living in it - the owners were looking for someone, preferably a writer, to look after their much-loved home while they worked in Sydney. The woman I spoke to said that their place would be ideal for Derek as they didn't require a lease commitment, so he could live there while looking around for his perfect place. They were also open to lower rent in exchange for some work on the property, which is fabulous for Derek who loves nothing more than fixing and pottering on property and land.

Now for the really wow part of this story.

Last November Derek was given a book by a best-selling Australian author for his birthday, and on the Sunday that I spoke to the owner of the house near Bellingen, Derek finished reading the book, and got to the Acknowledgements page... where he promptly joined the dots and realised that he was about to be moving into 'their' house. (Names withheld to protect privacy.)


I particularly love the little details from G.O.D.: Derek has a vision of participating in a new kind of society, which is why he is drawn to Bellingen, being a Transition Town with a commitment to sustainability. His new home is located in an area called 'Promised Land' - wow.

We are both clearly on track.


+1 # Kym Fullerton 2011-03-28 14:57
I am just so inspired the more I read your blogs. We have been to Bellingen ourselves and can now put the visual to where Derek is. And one of my Facebook friends is from there and very much a writer in many ways, articles, books, columns, poetry etc. He is also very much into self-sustainabl e living. I am going to sit back and watch the G.O.D connect Derek to this man if he isn't already. Onwards and Upwards to you both. It is liberating and extremely healthy for couples to be together and apart. We live our lives this way often and it works for us.
0 # Liliane Grace 2011-03-28 15:18
Thanks, Kym. Yes, feels like a healthy development at the moment. (NB You'll have to send me the name of that fellow at some point so I can see if they connect!)
0 # Coralie 2011-03-28 17:56
Wow! That's so amazing and awesome. :D *chuckles* So very cool. :-)
0 # Liliane Grace 2011-03-28 19:24
Thanks, Coralie. It is pretty groovy!
0 # Jude B 2011-03-28 19:09
Just read your blog about Derek's move. WOW.
This is huge and I admire your faith. I love The Promised Land and the Thora Valley and
had some very special, 'no rational explanation for' experiences there around 30 years ago/ Very magical.
A perfect place to create your dreams!

Wishing you both many Blessings in your shared, yet individual, journeys.
+1 # Liliane Grace 2011-03-28 19:26
Thanks, Jude. Yes, we are living in 'interesting times', as they say! Thank you for your love and blessings. I'll share more of the journey as it unfolds...
0 # Chiara Tino 2011-03-28 20:50

Thank you for sharing your lives with us. You're amazing, brave and courageous Souls. Given that I teach about synchronicities and have a published book on the topic of universal guidance, I totally get how amazing it is to TRUST in the process of doing what 'feels' right.
Great to hear how things are darlin'.

Bug Hugs
Chiara xo
0 # Liliane Grace 2011-03-29 16:48
Thanks, Chiara. Of course! You are right into that zone of noticing significant things/messages from nature. Really appreciate the love and acknowledgement.
And thanks for the 'bug hug'! Love it!
;) Liliane

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