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What is The Mastery Club?

The Mastery Club is a prize-winning novel that will inspire your kids' to fulfill their potential and motivate them to achieve their goals and dreams.

This novel, about five kids who form a club to support each other in achieving their goals and dreams, is packed with practical tools and information about goal-setting, constructive thinking, how the mind works, and character values like persistence, courage and a good attitude.

The Mastery Club by Liliane Grace is an excellent resource for teachers and parents wanting to inspire and motivate their students and children to believe in themselves and take responsibility for achieving their goals. The story characters deal with real life issues that today's youth are facing, such as bullying and friendship issues, sole parents, step-parents and divorce, and academic challenges.

Your students will absorb 10 priceless lessons while engrossed in a page-turning story. That means effortless learning! They might even be inspired to form their own Mastery Club… or you can arrange for them to experience the 10 Lesson Program, either in a group or via personal coaching.

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Why The Mastery Club?

Hello. I am Liliane Grace, a mother, writer, speaker and teacher. The Mastery Club was an utter joy to write because it brought together two of my favourite interests: writing fiction and conscious creation. 

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The Mastery Club 10 Lessons Program

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Last night Derek and I headed to an event at the Emerging Writer's Festival. The topic was 'sex in literature', which interested us for reasons that I'll share down the track, however the actual event was titled 'Dirty Words' and this proved to be the theme of the day.

I'd been hoping to hear a wide-ranging sample of writings about sex - some raunchy, some thoughtful, some 'dirty', some sacred - but most of what was presented was comic, sad or tacky. And it was all contemporary. The comic skits were, mostly, quite enjoyable, but by the time we got to the end we both left feeling flat and disappointed. It seemed to us that most people view sex as sex; there was nothing about making love, nothing about the sacredness or intimacy of that connection. I've decided that I must offer myself as a speaker next time and represent the 'Other Side'!

Do you think that people are embarrassed to talk about intimacy? There didn't seem to be any embarrassment at all to discuss graphic details about sex, but perhaps our feelings are dangerous territory...?

I'm putting together an anthology of short stories at the moment that I've written over a number of years. They are all about relationships, whether man-woman or parent-child, and some of them veer into the domain of erotica. For a while I've been wondering if I should use a pseudonym since my reputation is mostly as a children's author, but I think our need for honest conversation about adult issues is such that I'd like to contribute in this area too – as myself. The erotica I write is not for the purpose of titillation but to explore relationship and sexuality, and to unravel the issues that couples deal with.

I'd love to know your thoughts and feelings about this: do you feel there is a need for open conversations about intimacy? Do you feel that you hear more about the 'dirty' side of sex than the sacred side? Do reply to this post and share. I'd appreciate your response.

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