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Liliane Grace, creative writing, author, keynote speaker, The Mastery Club 

Liliane is a dynamic presenter and speaker who delights audiences with her enthusiastic, honest and compassionate style. Below are courses and services currently being offered, with links to the relevant pages.

Writing Mastery

A six-week or two-day confidence-building program in which you can benefit from Liliane’s twenty years' experience as a Creative Writing teacher. Unleash your creativity and learn some distinctions about powerful writing…

Now also provided as an e-course - explore here: Writing Mastery logo

Writing IT!

A two- to six-month course for graduates of Writing Mastery who wish to commit to their own projects. Dust off that book idea…

Keynote Speaking

Need a dynamic speaker for your event?

Writing Coaching

If you have an idea for a book burning inside you and you would appreciate some one-on-one guidance or support, and a system that keeps you accountable, this option is for you.

Coming Up!

Want to write? 
If you've got a story or book to share and would like some help, support, inspiration, guidance, a rocket up your backside... sign up for my Writing (& life) Mastery e-course or send me a line if you'd prefer a live course or 1:1 coaching or editing. Coming soon: my 'Write Your Magnificent Book' webinar as an online course.

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The e-course

A series of writing lessons and life story work based on my long-running Writing Mastery course. It is delivered via email in 10 weekly instalments.

Price: AUD $180.00