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"The Mastery Club is an ingenious contemporary story..." from the Foreword by Dr John Demartini.
"The Mastery Club is a fun introduction to the techniques employed by the greatest minds in History. It excites the young adventurer in all of us!" - Drew Heriot, Director of The Secret and producer of The Moses Code.
"In The Mastery Club Liliane captures how easy it is for us to live consciously and create positivity in our lives. She helps us to realise the importance of staying focussed, never giving up and paying attention to the details so we can actively change our circumstances for the better, getting the most out of life instead of waiting for it to happen! An empowering book for kids of all ages!" - Brandon Bays, internationally best-selling author of The Journey® and The Journey for Kids.
"Move over Harry, there's a new wizard in town and her magic isn't confined to the realm of fantasy... Powerful ideas are expressed with utter simplicity." - The Sunday Star Times, New Zealand.
"Not merely an adolescent book, The Mastery Club is definitely an enthralling and timeless book for all ages. The author has successfully pulled together facts, tools and techniques of the power of the mind and blended them into this wonderful story." - Conscious Living Magazine, Australia.
"The Mastery Club is engaging, captivating and thought-provoking for the enquiring mind of any age. The universal laws are so clearly laid out in this phenomenal story. Give it to your kids and read it yourself." - Kirsty Dunphey, author, entrepreneur, National Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year, 2002.
"Liliane Grace is dedicated to assisting the next generation to transform themselves from future takers to future makers, so that they become masters and makers of both their own lives and career paths and of better community and planetary futures." - Dr Peter Ellyard, Futurist and Strategist, Author of Designing 2050 - pathways to sustainable prosperity on spaceship earth.

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