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Jess Hall (nee Molnar-Bentata) – Freelance artist

Jess Hall, Freelance ArtistMy name is Jess and I was 20 years old when I illustrated the cover of The Mastery Club. I came into the world as a 'water baby', a creative soul who was encouraged and challenged. My interest in art started as early as I can remember. Both of my parents encouraged this. My mum helped me to be a creative and open-minded person. She sent me to a creative, arty Steiner school that also helped shape the person I am.

My dad taught me all he knew about drawing. He sat drawing with me for what seemed like hours, making art a fun activity to do together. I always worked hard on my art, especially through school. I ended up leaving early, as I felt I didn't have enough time for my art.

Since then I have been searching which path to take. I am currently trying to enter as many exhibitions as I can while working a full time job. A few I have entered are the Contemporary Art Society, Strathdon Community, Melb Rudolf Steiner Exhibit, M.G.A. and Sandringham Lions Club.

I like to work in many mediums as my mood changes. They're creative ways to explore and express how I feel. I take my inspiration from my friends and family, my past, my future, my feelings, the world.

When I started working on this book cover, I found it hard to start as I had previously been a bit unmotivated with my art. I read the book, the characters emerged for me, and the whole story came alive. Then with the help of Liliane and her family, and also Yvette, Karmela and my husband Shaun, I shaped and molded what I thought the characters would look like.

It was a big process for me and I learnt a lot. I was constantly getting challenged and was supported by all, especially Shaun, who kept telling me I could do it even when I was stuck. Everyone’s comments helped me finish it faster than I would have been able to on my own, and I got to spend heaps of time with lovely people.

My cats tried to help me but they just got in the way!


Yvette Bentata-Moore – Freelance artist

Yvette Bentata-Moore, Freelance Artist and writer Keeping it in the family, the magnificent artwork throughout The Champion Seriesbooks was painstakingly created by Liliane's sister, Yvette. She says:

My love of art continually inspires me to create and recreate the human form in all its complexity and drama. As a child I was always doodling and drawing faces and now, over thirty years later, I am still mesmerised by the human form. From my original paper and pen, I have expanded my repertoire to encompass a variety of artistic mediums: oils, acrylic, charcoal, pencil and water colour. My art exploration has taken me from simple drawings and oil paintings to murals and book illustration.

Raised in an artistic family, it is perhaps no surprise that I illustrated two children’s books: The Boy Who Barked and The Boy Who Found His Pulse. I am passionate about children and what they are reading and absorbing through life. As I also work in the Early Childhood Education sector, I am thrilled to be a part of a team that is producing caring, ethical books which promote being true to yourself and following your dreams. By using my artistic skills and imagination, I aim to open up a world for children to investigate and interpret.

I have written many stories and poems, some of which have been published in various anthologies and some of which have yet to hit the public! So watch out for my name…