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We've been deeply touched by all the people who have written to say how much they loved the book and how much it has helped them or explained things to them. May we share?

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Opens the mind:

The book makes me see a whole new side to things. The Mastery Club made me eager to read more. I will highly recommend it to my friends to read.

 Extra distinctions:

Liliane, I love your book!!!!!!!! I read it in two days. You have made the laws of the universe so easy to understand. So many things fell into place while I was reading your story and made even more sense to me. I have an 18 month old son named Angus and I have started reading your book to him.

I am going to purchase a couple of copies for my sisters. This information is new to them, so I think your book will give them an understanding of how to apply the principles. Congratulations on writing such a beautiful gift for this world.
LISA CAMERON, mother and business owner

If the reader is a master of these ideas: - back to start -

Received and finished your book and absolutely loved it. I was quite surprised (pardon!) at how readable and friendly and kid-aware it was, and the expression and integration of profound metaphysical truths and principles at that level was inspiring. It made creation even more real to me, and strangely enough I was more motivated to create my dreams... It seems a winner to me. Brilliant work, well done.
TIM MARLOWE, Editor and Master Trainer of the Demartini Method
As an adult I have spent thousands of dollars attending numerous seminars and reading hundreds of books in my pursuit of the teachings that Liliane has now encapsulated within The Mastery Club. I have emailed everyone I know inviting them to also enjoy this magnificent book.
DR TERRY MOLLOY, property developer

If the reader is experiencing difficult life circumstances: - back to start -

Your book gives hope and strategies for those who experiencing challenging life circumstances. Parents and teachers should look at this book because it provides an excellent tool for their children and students. It's inspirational.
JENNY DAY, Director of the Community Development Foundation, Perth, W.A.

Is this book just for kids? - back to start -

The Mastery Club is engaging, captivating and thought-provoking for the enquiring mind of any age. The universal laws are so clearly laid out in this phenomenal story. Give it to your kids and read it yourself!
KIRSTY DUNPHEY, Author, Entrepreneur, National Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year (2002)
We want to express our heart felt gratitude and appreciation to you for your inspired stroke of genius, The Mastery Club. The people and situations are convincing and recognizable, and because the universal principles are so naturally and simply applied within those situations, The Mastery Club is the perfect 'painless' teaching vehicle for young and old alike'.

We have our own copy of course, and have bought copies for our nine year old granson and other relatives, and we recommend it to all our friends.

Can this book really make a difference to young people? - back to start -

Liliane Grace is dedicated to assisting the next generation to transform itself from future takers to future makers, so that they become masters and makers of both their own lives and career paths and of better community and planetary futures.

The Mastery Club is a peer driven and shaped process where the young can aspire to become tall poppies and find affirming mentors and sources of inspiration as much from within their own ranks as from their elders. In a world where the peer group is all too often seen a crusher of dreams and an enforcer of mediocrity, The Mastery Club is an uplifting peer group where the young are encouraged to aim high and stretch themselves to realise their goals.
DR PETER ELLYARD, Futurist and Strategist, author of Designing 2050 - sustainable pathways for spaceship earth.
I have read this book and couldn't put it down - after my 13 year old daughter had read it and told me how good it was and how she was going to put the principles to work for her upcoming Yr 7 exams. After reading, I encouraged her as she is usually very negative about exams and her ability to do well - got her report today - 3A+, 5A and 1B+!!! 95% in Maths, the subject she fears the most!!!

She has embraced the whole idea really well and I can see it will be a great way to boost her out of her formerly negative moods... Consequently I would like to order 3 more copies of your book and 2 of the lessons chart. I don't want to lend my copy to anyone!! - I'd rather give some away.

For Teachers

The Mastery Club is being used in schools around Australia. - back to start -

The Mastery Club has been useful in initiating both philosophical and practical discussions about goal setting and creative visualisation with students. Students responded to the text with wonderment and were filled with excitement about the possibilities the text suggests; they felt inspired and empowered. This text can be used on several levels -

  • As a narrative in an English classroom
  • As a philosophical stimulus
  • As a text about personal empowerment.
B.TORBAKOVA, Girrawheen Secondary School, Perth W.A.
As a teacher and personal development business owner I found Liliane Grace's book, The Mastery Club, one of the most valuable tools I have come across for adolescents. Last year, I implemented some of the tools from the book into my classroom, and discovered my students were eager to learn and excited about the possibilities of what they could achieve.

I believe this book would be a valuable asset to any classroom setting, as it is easy to understand, inspiring to read and contains an empowering message throughout.

I highly recommend this book to teachers and parents alike. The response I have received back from young adults has been amazing, with many providing great stories of applying the message from The Mastery Club.

Many parents have commented to me about the contents of this book, saying they too now finally understand the principles of success.
ROWENA HELPS, B.Ed, South Australia
The Mastery Club offers junior secondary students a world of alternative living to explore. The characters are very human and individual, and they are placed in the context of some radical goal-setting. The possibilities for discussion and further work are rich and plentiful.
ERIK RINKEL, Head of English, Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College, Victoria
I read The Mastery Club in 2006 and was amazed at the detail, in story form, as to how children can use goal setting to better their life and performance. I feel in this day and age so many people believe they are trapped in difficult realities and this book demonstrates alternatives.

After seeing Bridge to Terabithia with my Nieces and Nephews, I was moved at their openness and acceptance of developing the very skills Liliane Grace uses in The Mastery Club. I highly recommend this wonderful book to any school aged person who has not yet reached their true potential.
MS MARY-ANNE LEWIS, VCE & Careers Coordinator Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College

A student's belief in him or herself is paramount to achieving their dreams and goals. The Mastery Club provides a simple but powerful way of thinking that all ages can understand. It offers students an incredible tool for taking control of their results. 'What you put out, comes back you you'. The more clearly kids can see their goals, the more articulate they become.

Language becomes exciting as students recognize the power of their words and conjure up their visions. What you think about, you bring about.' 'What would you create if you knew you couldn't fail?' The conversation, the language, the clarity through discussion, the support and then the treasure maps, show students how to become living magnets for their dreams as they travel through school and life.
SALLY SUDWEEKS, Consultant, Social Solutions

[Whilst working] as a grade 5/6 teacher [I] have introduced The Mastery Club to our school. We are currently half way through and all three grade 5/6 classes are reading it. (That's 67 children!)

I cannot begin to tell you how rewarding it is to discuss things like the law of attraction and manifesting one's own reality with 11 and 12 year olds. They are so open to it and have embraced visualising as a daily routine along with seeing opportunities to bring about what they want in their life.

Sadly my full time contract with the class has ended but they are all still reading the book, doing Writer's Workshop literacy activities based on it and I keep in close contact with the other teachers.

One of the beautiful things that happened on the last day of term one was that the children presented me with a gorgeous card they made with "See The Invisible, Hear The Silent, Do The Impossible" on the front cover. One student actually has me in her wheel and visualises me back teaching her again! The power of thought is so amazing!!

So, Liliane, I thankyou sincerely for your book and am sure lots of our children would also like to purchase it. Please let me know if a visit from you is possible.
REBECCA SLAVEN, Primary School Teacher, Geelong, Victoria

A few years ago I read The Mastery Club to my Yr 4-6 class and they loved it. I'd often spoken to them about the power of visualisation and self talk in our everyday life and when pursuing our passions/dreams but the message was so much more absorbing and penetrating in the form of a narrative. I truly believe it should be a compulsory read in all upper primary classes.

I now have a new Yr 4-6 group of children and I look forward to introducing them to The Mastery Club. The principles taught are life changing for the children and I continue to use them in my own life.

BILL MERCER, Primary School Teacher, Mildura, Victoria

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