The Mastery Club, Nina, See the Invisible, Hear the Silent, Do the Impossible

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 UCAN stands for 3 actions you need to take and 1 'non-action'!

  1. Understand
  2. Choose
  3. Apply/Act
  4. Now... Let go!

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The ideas shared in The Mastery Club are actually ancient mystical truths - they date back thousands of years across all the sacred cultures of the world. Today these ideas are becoming more and more popular and widely talked about.

It's important to UNDERSTAND these ageless principles if you want to achieve your dreams. And you won't need a university degree to understand them - they are simple - but don't underestimate them! They are very powerful when properly understood.

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This seems really simple but there are a few traps for the unwary. Essentially, you need to decide what you want to create in your life. That may seem like a snap, and for many it is. Here's a checking question: does your list of goals reflect what's REALLY important to you? Because there's a price to pay for every dream that gets realised. Nothing will just land in your lap; there are things you'll need to do, and if your goal doesn't really matter to you, you won't pay the price...

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So your dream isn't going to just land in your lap - you will have to take some actions in the world. Nina, the green-haired dynamo who leads The Mastery Club, introduces her new friends to several practical tools that will help them to achieve their goals.

These tools, like visualisation and affirmation and treasure-mapping, are covered in the book. 

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That might seem like a funny step to include, but it's SO important. Trusting the process and being able to let go are critical to making your dreams come true. This section includes a few tips that weren't covered in the book… There's also some How To Start Your Own Club Guidelines that you can use.

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PS. It has been said that the 5 people closest to you have the greatest influence on your life, so as you share these ideas with others, you build a supportive community for yourself and them.