Liliane Grace, creative writing, author, keynote speaker, The Mastery Club 

Liliane Grace, creative writing, grow into your dreams, The Mastery Club

Green-haired girl is changing kids' lives!

altMelbourne – Jan 15, 2010 – Teens and pre-teens are setting and achieving their goals, inspired by a novel called The Mastery Club and its heroine, a green-haired girl called Nina.

This award-winning novel for adolescents by Melbourne author, Liliane Grace, draws on timeless philosophies about the creative power of the mind and current research about the brain, and inspires young people to take responsibility for their lives.

The narrator, Natalie, has long been fascinated by witches, wizards and the world of fantasy, but she wants to be able to do real magic. When green-haired, unpredictable Nina bursts into her life with a plan to form a ‘Mastery Club’, Natalie’s mind and world are opened up to some startling possibilities and a colorful, creative family. Natalie’s friends join the Mastery Club too, and together they are introduced to powerful tools like creative visualization, affirmations and treasure-mapping, as one-by-one, they find a goal or challenge to undertake.

“I wanted to share ideas that I have found empowering with young people all around the world,” Grace, a mother of three, said. “Knowing that they wouldn’t be drawn to information-rich, how-to manuals, I decided to put the concepts into a story.”

The Mastery Club is winner of a Bronze Medal in the U.S. Independent Publishers Awards, Young Adult Fiction category. A self-publishing success story, it is currently in its fourth print run since its launch in July 2006. This unique book features a Foreword by behavioural expert, Dr John Demartini, and endorsement by parents, teachers, ministers, psychologists, entrepreneurs, and futurist and strategist Dr Peter Ellyard among others – and, most importantly, by young people themselves. But it's not just for kids - The Mastery Club is attracting enthusiastic responses from readers of all ages and backgrounds. Already young (and older) are starting up their own Mastery Clubs and the book is being used as a text in schools.

Here's what people are saying about The Mastery Club:

“Move over Harry there’s a new wizard in town and her magic isn’t confined to the realm of fantasy…” - Mike Alexander, The Sunday Star Times, New Zealand

"The Mastery Club is part teenage fiction, part worldly wisdom and part law of attraction. It is well written and moves along at a nice page... I felt the language and concepts... may have been a little too high concept for the target audience. However having spoken to some young readers, it was clear that not only did they enjoy the book, but they were inspired by it as well, some having started their own mastery clubs." - Succeed Magazine, Australia

“Not merely an adolescent book, The Mastery Club is definitely an enthralling and timeless book for all ages. The author has successfully pulled together facts, tools and techniques of the power of the mind and blended them into this wonderful story.” – Conscious Living Magazine, Australia

Liliane Grace is dedicated to assisting the next generation to transform themselves from future takers to future makers, so that they become masters and makers of both their own lives and career paths and of better community and planetary futures. The Mastery Club is a peer driven and shaped process where the young can aspire to become tall poppies and find affirming mentors and sources of inspiration as much from with their own ranks as from their elders. In a world where the peer group is all too often seen a crusher of dreams and an enforcer of mediocrity, The Mastery Club is an uplifting peer group where the young are encouraged to aim high and stretch themselves to realise their goals.” - Dr Peter Ellyard, Futurist and Strategist and Author of Designing 2050 – Pathways for sustainable prosperity on spaceship earth.

“The Mastery Club is a delightful book that engages you quickly in an exploration of the truths of life. The story will entice young and older readers alike to, not just believe in their own genius, but to explore the wonders of their life. I recommend it highly and reference it regularly in seminars and with clients.” - Kenneth L. Pierce, Psychologist, Speaker and Co-author of The Dance of Bullying – A breakthrough tool for teachers and parents.

Liliane Grace is a freelance writer who has taught Creative Writing classes around Melbourne for over 20 years. She has won several short story awards, including First and Second Prize in the 2004 Australasian Short Story Award. The Mastery Club is published by Grace Productions and distributed by Brumby Books. ISBN 0-9775508-0-X. Copies of the book are available by request. In the meantime, visit to download the first four chapters of The Mastery Club and start reading now!

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