Liliane Grace, creative writing, author, keynote speaker, The Mastery Club 

Liliane Grace, creative writing, grow into your dreams, The Mastery Club

Giving Narcissistic Teens a Sense of Purpose

Melbourne, March 2011 - In response to recent claims that an ''epidemic of narcissism'' is affecting our student population, parents can turn to a best-selling book by Melbourne Mum, Liliane Grace.

Grace’s bestselling children’s novel, The Mastery Club inspires teens and pre-teens to take responsibility for achieving their goals and dreams. Liliane Grace's page-turning story teaches practical tools and encourages young people to form clubs in which they can support each other and realise their own potential. A natural preventative for narcissism.

Teens and pre-teens around Australia have seized the ideas in the book and are applying them to their goals, whether academic, hobbies, sporting, improving their confidence or in relationships. Grace's book has attracted endorsement from teachers, principals, entrepreneurs and psychologists such as Canadian psychologist Kenneth Pierce, co-author of The Dance of Bullying, a breakthrough tool for teachers and parents.

Grace's book emphasises the importance of character development in the process of achieving one's goals. "Master yourself and you can master anything," says Nina, the green-haired leader of the Club. She and her mentor uncle counsel the members to persist through the various obstacles that arise as they tackle their individual goals - everything from passing maths to purchasing a mountain bike to winning a coveted role in the school play to an overseas holiday...

Melbourne-based Futurist and Strategist, Dr Peter Ellyard, had this comment to make about Grace's book:

“Liliane Grace is dedicated to assisting the next generation to transform themselves from future takers to future makers, so that they become masters and makers of both their own lives and career paths and of better community and planetary futures. The Mastery Club is a peer driven and shaped process where the young can aspire to become tall poppies and find affirming mentors and sources of inspiration as much from with their own ranks as from their elders. In a world where the peer group is all too often seen a crusher of dreams and an enforcer of mediocrity, The Mastery Club is an uplifting peer group where the young are encouraged to aim high and stretch themselves to realise their goals.”

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